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Transcript for Security breach at Sprint

And checked by a security breach at sprint the carrier says user information including addresses and phone numbers was compromised beginning in early June it’s unclear how many accounts were affected sprint says that have recent security goes on those accounts within three days of learning about the breach. Domino’s is turning to technology to help you track your next pizza delivery. And you apple I to track the location of your pizza using GPS so you’ll know exactly when it will right. Company says it hopes to use the data to improve delivery times. And today is a world a muggy day we’ll be getting a preview of this fall’s new images with any focusing on diversity including interracial and same sex couple. There’s also newly on a name OG generating buzz that some people say they can’t keep from yawning when they see it we’re gonna use that would allot. Does your time by.

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{“duration”:”0:48″,”description”:”Plus, Domino’s Pizza allows you to track your delivery driver, and it’s national emoji day.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/Technology”,”id”:”64388199″,”title”:”Security breach at Sprint”,”url”:”/Technology/video/security-breach-sprint-64388199″}

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