The International Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered Pakistan to review a death sentence it handed down to an Indian national convicted of spying.

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Kulbhushan Jadhav, a retired Indian naval officer, was arrested in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province on March 2016 on charges of espionage. Pakistan alleges that Jadhav was spying in an insurgent region of the nation at the time of his arrest.  India disputes this, claiming that the former military officer was kidnapped from Iran, where he was doing business.

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A video of Jadhav’s confession to charges of espionage was released by Pakistani officials, however India asserts that the confession was given under duress.  

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India also alleges that Pakistan is in violation of the Geneva Conventions, in depriving Jadhav of consular access. Pakistan says he is not entitled to consular access, due to his alleged identity as a spy.

After being sentenced to death in 2017, India filed a complaint with the Hague-based ICJ.  The international court ordered Pakistan not to execute Jadhav, pending a hearing.

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Now, Pakistan has been tasked with reviewing the conviction of Jadav, but Pakistan has not said if it will comply with ICJ’s ruling.



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