There is a time-honored custom in Britain: When issues are wanting actually dangerous, take refuge in humor. They do a satirical, radio comedy present on the BBC, “The Now Present,” and, recently, they’re discovering it is arduous to be funnier than the actual factor.

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Correspondent Mark Phillips requested, “What’s humorous about Brexit?”

“Nicely, as we get nearer to it, much less and fewer,” replied co-host Hugh Dennis. “I feel that the overall consensus, it appears to me, whether or not you’re Go away or Stay, is simply: Please, please, make it cease!

Theresa Could has tried to make it cease, at the very least for some time, as a result of the divorce settlement she negotiated with the European Union has been rejected – twice – by her personal parliament. She needed to ask the EU for the entire Brexit factor (that was presupposed to occur on the finish of this coming week) to be delayed. She wished three months; the EU gave her three weeks. 

However defeat delayed will not be defeat prevented. Two-and-a-half years after the referendum, the nation continues to be break up kind of down the center by people who wish to go away, and people who voted to remain, and who say leaving can be even extra damaging than they feared on the time of the vote.

Any suggestion the standoff might be resolved by holding one other referendum – nonetheless a political longshot – is dismissed by John Curtice, Britain’s pre-eminent public opinion pollster. Opinions, he says, have hardened on either side.

“As a result of we’re so polarized, and since now we have so many individuals who both really feel very strongly Stay or very strongly Go away, any truth, any growth within the final two-and-a-half years has been interpreted in another way,” Curtice mentioned. “So: In case you are a Remainer, sure, you’ll say, ‘Simply have a look at how tough it’s for us to get out of this establishment. It is due to this fact a nasty concept.’

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“However should you’re a Leaver, you say, ‘Look how tough it’s to get out of this establishment. That simply goes to indicate you why we should always get out, as a result of it has far an excessive amount of affect and involvement on this nation’s affairs.'”

Humorous, huh?

From “The Now Present”: 
Donald Trump: “I am shocked at how badly Brexit negotiations have gone. I coulda accomplished it a lot better.”

Shortly after the referendum in 2016, Phillips went as much as a pub within the northern English city of Sunderland. It is a city the place the one main employer is a automobile plant, the place many of the manufacturing is exported to Europe … a plant whose future is now doubtful. But, Sunderland voted 62 % to go away the EU.

And the boys within the pub have been comfortable to elucidate why: “We wished out,” mentioned Richard Cooney.

“The financial system is in the bathroom, actually,” Jim Bute mentioned.

Phillips requested, “Is that a part of the sensation, I hear folks speak, ‘We have nothing to lose’?”

“That is why folks have accomplished what they’ve accomplished,” Bute replied. 

Phillips went again to the identical pub this previous week to see in the event that they’ve modified their minds. Some had, however not in the way in which you would possibly suppose. “I am actually hacked off about it,” mentioned Annette. She had voted to remain within the EU, however is so “hacked off,” she’s switched sides and now desires to go away. “I do not wish to be in a relationship with individuals who can behave the way in which they’ve behaved, the bullies,” she mentioned. 

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Gary mentioned, “If the vote was held once more, proper now, much more folks in Sunderland would in all probability vote to go away, which astonishes me.”

“Out of spite?” requested Phillips. 

“It is nearly brutal to me. It is nearly, I do not know, suicidal. However I could also be flawed.”

There may be anger within the nation, anger in Parliament, anger confronting a authorities minister on the airwaves: 

Channel four information presenter Jon Snow:  “No person within the nation is aware of what is going on on. No person in [Parliament] is aware of what is going on on. And you realize nothing about what is going on on – even inside the cupboard. The cupboard is at sea, the nation is at sea. We’re a laughing inventory.”
Well being Secretary Matt Hancock: “Is {that a} query?”

A lot for British civility. Possibly it’s time for a trip from Brexit. As “The Now Present” co-host Steve Punt mused, “Does not need to be overseas, do not wish to annoy the Brexiteers. We may simply head for the West Nation. Jacob Rees-Mogg may lend us one in every of his counties.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg leads a gaggle of the hardest-line conservative MPs who wish to go away the EU now – the so-called “Cliff-Edge Brexit,” it doesn’t matter what the implications. And he is straight from Central Casting.

When requested what’s humorous about him, Punt mentioned, “He has been described as wanting like a haunted lamppost. And what’s good about him from a comic book perspective is that he precisely matches everybody’s caricature of a cartoon Englishman.”

Phillips requested Rees-Mogg himself: “Clear although it appears in your thoughts of the advantages of Brexit, a tough, cliff-edge Brexit, is that this a course of that no person is controlling proper now?”

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“The cliff-edge time period will not be the precise one to make use of,” he replied. “There is no ‘cliff edge.'”

“Steep slope? Very steep slope?”

“It is not a ‘steep slope.'”

A no-deal Brexit can be such an financial shock (nearly everybody else agrees) that the federal government has been training utilizing highways as truck parking heaps whereas items look ahead to post-Brexit customs clearance.  Imports of meals and medicines can be in danger.

To Rees-Mogg, although, the issue is not Brexit; it is that the prime minister does not actually consider in it.

Phillips mentioned, “It was offered as a quite simple proposition – in or out, best deal in historical past, all these issues we have heard, [but] it hasn’t turned out that means.”

“Which isn’t what occurred,” Rees-Mogg replied. “The federal government has been completely supine, has rolled over and waited to have its tummy tickled, after which licked the hand that had been tickling it. It was a totally hopeless method to negotiation. It had no spine.”

The referendum was held within the hope it will resolve a difficulty that had been festering in Britain, and notably in its Conservative Social gathering, for many years. As a substitute, it has stretched the political system (and perhaps the nation’s fabled humorousness) to the breaking level.

Or, as they signed off on “The Now Present,” “We’ll additionally talk about whether or not individuals are eager for the times when politics was uninteresting and the information talked about different issues, and the way no person predicted that nostalgia for the time earlier than the EU would assist result in a referendum that might result in nostalgia for a time earlier than the referendum on the EU. My mind’s gone…” 

Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt recording the BBC radio comedy collection “The Now Present,” and attempting to maintain up with the hilarity of present occasions.

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Story produced by Justine Redman.


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